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Location of movie "1987"

The film "1987", showing the June Democracy Movement in 1987, was made with touching images for the democracy process of Korea and recorded over 7 million viewers.Let's go to Seosan-dong of poor hillside village where the main character was living. All the props at the time of shooting were reproduced which remind us of the main charaters such as Gang Dong-won, Yu Hae-jin and Kim Tae-ri.

1987 영화촬영지 목포 연희네슈퍼, 영화포스터

At this Seosan-dong, the building used for the Japanese house of ill fame still remained and lots of building are kept same as 30 years ago which give us the feeling as if we are travelling back to the past. (Location : 14-2, 127-gil, Haean-ro, Mokpo-si)

Business time : Open always, 10:00 ~ 17:00 (guided by Culture Tourism Commentator)

  • 연희네 슈퍼 내부모습으로 옛날 과자들과 포스터등이 전시되어있다
  • 연희네 슈퍼 내부모습으로 옛날 신문, 생필품등이 전시되어있다

Yeonghee's Supermarket

Yonhee's Supermarket is the small supermarket with 18㎡ in size, located in Seosan-dong, Mokpo keeping the features of the 1980's as it was and used for the location of the film "1987".

The film "1987" showing the June Democracy Movement against the dictator government in the 1980's in various points of view, telling how to begin the movement by discovering the truth against the political power who tried to hide the accident of one university student of 22 years old who died due to the torture.

Inside the Yonhee's supermarket, the props used for the movie "1987" are reproduced as it was, such as sugarplum, twisted bread stick, chewing gum, daily necessities, briquette and the newspaper published in 1987.

Just back of Yonhee's supermarket, there is an air-raid shelter made by compulsory mobilization of Japan who forced Koreans to work in order to avoid the air bombing of UN army at the end of Pacific War. It has the length 31m and max. width 2.m in size. As there are Japanese red-light district around during Japanese Occupation, the shelter was made for Japanese people. This has the historic meaning as the affected site of compulsory mobilization and the relics related to the Pacific War. On the opposite of Yonhee's supermarket, the laundry made 50 years ago was restored and the cookies of memory are on sales without a host.

  • 방공호입구모습Entrance of air-raid shelter
  • 조명이켜진 방공호 내부모습Inside of air-raid shelter
  • 백양세탁소 앞 외부모습Baekyang Laundry
  • 추억의 과자들이 놓여있는 되어있는 백양세탁소 내부모습Cookie of Memory

Sihwa alley in Seosan-dong

When you climb upward a little more, there is Sihwa alley. The poets and painters in Mokpo participated in drawing the old scenary on the wall of narrow alley and the pretty poems are hung up between pictures.

  • 인문도시 서산동 시화골목 안내도
  • 좁은 계단을 따라 벽화가 그려져있는 마을풍경
  • 아래서 올려다본 벽화마을