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Tourist Attractions

Samhakdo, Lee Nan-Young Park

Samhakdo with the legend that three women who loved one young man became cranes after dying and the place where cranes fell down to death became an island, has the bridge connecting three islands. With the walkway along the bridge and the atmospheric night view, Lee Nan-young Park commemorating the late singer Lee Nan-young who sang a song "The Tears of Mokpo" has the natural burials of Lee Nan-young, the first natural burials of our country as well as wide and comfortable green space and convenient facilities for citizens.

Samhakdo VR View

In 2006, the grave of Lee Nan-young at Paju cemetery park was moved to this park and the natural burial ceremony where the cremated ashes are buried under the 20-year crape myrtle. After 41 years since she was dead, the natural burial ceremony was held and the memorial park was constructed. The park where the soul of Lee Nanyoung is living still, with wide and comfortable green space and convenient facilities for citizens, is now positioned as one of tourist attractions of Mokpo.

  • Location : 92, Samhak-ro, Mokpo-si
  • Contact: 061-270-3684
  • 이난영나무와 비석 모습
  • 이난영 노래비 정면 전경모습

The late singer Lee Nan-young (1916~1965, the original name : Lee Ok-rye)

Lee Nan-young who sang a song "The Tears of Mokpo" was born in Mokpo (1916~1965, the original name : Lee Ok-rye). As her family didn't have enough money, she could not get the proper education. She quit the Mokpo Public elementary school (Bukgyo elementary school, at present time) at the fourth grade and worked for Chosun Cotton Co., Ltd. and when she was 16, joined Taeyang musical troupe.While working as an unknown singer, she was scouted by President of OK Record Company, Lee Cheol in 1934 under exclusive contract. She made her debut in music world by cutting a record for a song "phoenix" composed by Son Mo-in. As her name became popular, her talent was acknowledged once again in 'National Top Singer Contest', held in Hibiya public hall, Tokyo. When the song "Tears of Mokpo" was announced, it became extremely popular across the country. Lee Nan-young ends her life at 49.