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Tourist Attractions

Nojeokbong Art Park, located in Yudalsan, Nojeokbong, which is within Mokpo, a city of dreams full of beauty and romance,has opened in July 29th,2009, and is currently operated as Mokpo’s complexd is play and promotion hall.

Nojeokbong Art Park is a complex display and promotion hall where Mokpo, with the beautiful nature and various areas’ cultural assets form harmony, can be promoted. The inner contents’ formation is like this: “Chapter of Welcome – Chapter of Information – Chapter of History – Chapter of Understanding – Chapter of Communion – Chapter of Interchange”. It is an area made with the purpose of, for the locals, as a place where one can understand the e, a place where values can be shared, and for tourists, as an area where proper e and arts, such as Mokpo’s tourism resources, are introduced, and also a place where the image of Mokpo, Mokpo of Arts, Mokpo the beautiful port, and Mokpo, a place of heart’s inclination, are informed.

Nojeonbong Art Park Museum