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Tourist Attractions

It has the works of Heo Ryeon, praised by Chusa Kim Jeong-hui, who was himself famous for poetry, calligraphy, and painting in the late Joseon Dynasty, as the greatest in Haedong, and the works of 5 generations of Ullim Sanbang House, such as Mi San, Heo Yeong, Nam Nong, Heo Geon, Im Jeon, Heo Mun, O Dang, and Heo Jin. Besides, that, there are also about 300 pieces of works by maestro Nam Jong’s disciples, from the high class family of Joseon to the modern maestro of prominence, so one can run through Korea’s southern arts’ life. Not only that, there are 200 earethenware, and ceramic from Gaya and Silla Dynasty to Joseon Dynasty, along with ceramic from China and Japan, so it is a popular tourism spot for Mokpo, which many visit every year.

  • Namnong Memorial Museum
  • Namnong Memorial Museum