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Tourist Attractions

Mokpo is, based on high quality Kaolinite and abundant firewood, home to ceramic, which was made with beauty andflavor of Namdo in many Kiln Sites, and based on this, Mokpo Ceramic Livingware Museum has been established in August, 2006. Mokpo Ceramic Livingware Museum is the first ceramic livingware museum in Korea, and it is a special display area where the history of Korean ceramic livingware, that has went through the improvement procedure of crafts, architecture, and cutting edge ceramic, can be seen at a sight.

Also, the experience display area for children is a play-focused display area, filled with displays like 3d ceramic making, ceramic mud-stepping motion game, and ceramic xylophone. It is made so that children can, through ceramic, develop creativity and sensibility. Also, “Ongi Workshop”, an industry ceramic experience workshop, is managed so that one can experience ceramic colored paper pottery experience, where you can decorate mug cups and dishes with ceramic paper to create it into one’s own unique pottery.

  • Mokpo Natural History Museum
  • Mokpo Natural History Museum
  • Mokpo Natural History Museum