It is the best bus tour preferred by individual and business tourists because you can look around all major tourist sites and attractions conveniently.


  1. Mokpo Station (Depart at 09:30)
  2. Modern History Museum Bld. 2 (Formaly, Oriental Development Company)
  3. Modern History Museum Bld. 1 (The Old Mokpo Japanese Consulate)
  4. The starting point of National Expressway No. 1 and No. 2
  5. Dongbonwonsa Temple
  6. Samhakdo Island
  7. Lunch (Arrive at 12:00)
  8. Gatbawi Rock Pedestrian Bridge
  9. Gatbawi Rock Culture Town
  10. Southwest Fisheries Distribution Center
  11. Mokpo Station (Arrive at 15:40)